Thursday, April 9, 2015

Preparing to Serve

Everyone says that serving a mission is the hardest thing to do but also the best. They always talk about during their mission and sometimes even after but nobody talks about those short weeks leading up to the MTC. Sure there are plenty of posts and stories on wardrobe and packing list but what about mental preparation. Those have been the hardest so far. I really can't compare to how a mission is but I definitely feel Satan working against me. These weeks haven't been physically hard like lifting weights but my mind has felt so conflicted I feel like questioning my decision. I know in my heart that this is exactly what I need to do but my mind and thoughts tend to be negative. One of my friends just got back from her mission and she told me how hard it is before you leave, and the closer you are to that date, the harder it is. I never knew how true this is until now. Especially as I am preparing to receive my endowment on Saturday. Satan is going to do everything he can when he knows that you are doing what is right. It hasn't been any big thing or even a couple big things. He is going to get you because he knows you. For me it has just been going back to being kinda lazy. It's watching one more episode on Netflix or spending too much time on Facebook. No, these are not bad things but they definitely take you away from the spirit. Step away from the computer and go pick up you scriptures. It takes strength to do but you are so much happier when you do it. I may feel happy watching one more old movie on Netflix but it is not the pure joy you feel that comes with the Holy Ghost. I am so thankful for those around me who help me to stay on track and focus on what is in front of me. I know life is going to get harder but I am grateful for my Savior and his atonement, it allows me to repent and to become better that I have. Make sure you are doing what will lead you down the right path. A mission is not something for you, it is a gift you are giving to those who don't have the gospel. Forget yourself and go to work. 

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