Thursday, April 30, 2015

Survived the first week of the MTC!

Wow! Where do I begin? this week has been so amazing. I have learned so much!!

Wednesday I got here, had orientation, met our new companions, districts, zones. We are the only district in our zone. There are 4 elders and my companion is going to the Denver South Mission. They leave Monday. Then it is me and another sister companionship going to Tulsa. We leave Wednesday. There are 10 people total going to Tulsa. The other 7 are in a different zone from us. We started by going to class and we jumped right into being a missionary. We create investigators and start role playing on how to teach. It is scary, but I have learned to love to role play. It is great practice and you become so much better at teaching. We have 3+ teachers. The main ones are Brother Mathis (his last day was Monday), Sister Wiser (she is fierce and honest but it helps so much!) and Sister Barton (she just loves the work and makes sure you do too!) We have had other teachers come in and help. They are all so nice and I have grown so much. you always need to rely on prayer and most importantly have faith that He will answer you.  

We have such a nice mission presidency and their wives are amazing. We have had dinner with them a couple of times. Sunday we had church and we just had it with our district/branch so it was great. The wives were in relief society with us and we had a great lesson taught by Sister Parcels and Sister Gerard. Sister parcels is from Hawaii and Sister Gerard is from Idaho Falls. She knows all about Frederickson's chocolates and her family gets them every Christmas for neighbor gifts. We have a in-class investigator which is sister parcels acting as a investigator named Kaitlyn. It was someone she taught on her mission. She is a struggle to teach but pray for love and guidance. Heavenly father is more than happy to give it to you if you have an open heart. We also have TRC investigators who are either really investigating the church or they are a convert and replaying their own story. We think our trc investigator isn't a member yet which is really neat. and she is pretty cool. Her name is Rachel. we taught her yesterday and she explained what she felt was like being at the top of a mountain after a hike and we told her that what she felt is the Holy Ghost. It was an awesome experience. We also teach Ashton. He is cool, moved from Highlands Ranch, CO to here. We really enjoy teaching him and talking to him. 

The MTC has been hard, but definitely worth it. By last Friday we were so tired just from feeling the spirit so often :) I love my companion and the other 2 sisters. I got a cold last Thursday and have been slowly recovering. They take care of me and the elders have been really nice as well. My cold got really bad Saturday so Sister Clarke insisted we talk to the doctor. Got to love companions! We ended up going on a field trip to the Rite Aid pharmacy to get some meds. They have helped and my cold is almost over. Tuesday I felt stomach sick so we just hung at the apartment before our devotional. That was really good as well. I am thankful I felt better so I didn't miss the fireside. We had a mini testimony meeting afterwards with the presidency and their wives. The spirit was so strong.

 I KNOW the church is true. Jesus Christ loves us so much. Never doubt that, and if you do, PRAY! I don't think I have prayed so much in my life. We probably pray 15+ times a day not including praying in your heart every second for help and comfort. The Book of Mormon is a beautiful wonderful gift that we have. Read it and love it. It will bless your lives. I am so happy to be at the MTC. Whoever said that missionary work is work, was right! But it is always worth it. I have had to focus on "teaching people, not lessons" so much but it makes a different in your teaching. It worked with Kaitlyn last night. The spirit was stronger and she connected to us and opened up more than she has before. Missionary work is a wonderful thing and I am so thankful I can be a missionary. I love you all so much and miss you!!!!

Love Always,

Sister Frederickson

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  1. Awesome Abby! You have such a sweet humble spirit. You will make a great missionary because of your attitude and enthusiasm.