Monday, June 1, 2015

May 25, 2015

Hey Everyone!

We had a baptism on Saturday for our Investigator Mailey! It was amazing. I am so proud of her decision to be baptized. She is just a wonderful girl, I am glad she has some good friends in the ward. We have a great group of young women. It was kind of chaotic with the scheduling because  half the people thought it started at 10 and the other half at 1. We got so many calls Friday night asking. haha! 

 One of our investigators, Danielle we taught twice this week. We found her when we went to visit her Less Active neighbor and asked for a referral. She sent us next door to the neighbor she hates and so we went over. We have had 3 lessons with Danielle and she is amazing. She definitely has some problems to work through but is really receptive and the spirit is always so strong when we teach her. 

The worst part of missionary work is you smell like people's dogs and sins. 

We had a crazy emotional Friday night. Brother B who referred us to the Butler family left us a horrible voicemail that was not christ-like. After the voicemail my companion was in tears and we called President Shumway to tell him what happened. Long story short we had some scheduling conflicts and we were trying our best to resolve them. Someone got angry because we weren't including them in every little detail. 2 days later we think we have it all worked out. The Butler family came to church on Sunday and it was amazing to see them there. The whole ward was really nice to them which was amazing. The ward needs to help out so much for investigators. I am glad we are still teaching them. They are the cutest family ever. 

We are still trying to meet everyone. It is hard when we don't have an address and people won't answer their phones or call us back. We just keep on trying.

Saturday at one of our dinner appointments we played baseball. It was really fun. It is just hard to run in rubber boots. My legs are so sore! I can't walk. After dinner we also played kick ball. The family is just the greatest. They live in the middle of no where and are basically modern day pioneers. I love them! 

It has been a pretty busy week trying to see everyone. I thought I was good at names until I came on a mission. It is hard to remember everyone in the ward especially when half of them are related. 

We have train the trainer tomorrow in Springfield. Best part about it is that I get to see sister Gerard. I miss that sister so much. The MTC was great with her. 

Thursday I am going on exchanges with the sister training leaders so I will be in Ozark for the night with Sister Oliva. She is super nice, I am excited about it. 

Me and Sister Booms are best friends with the ice cream truck guy. One day we will convert him. I finally got my batman ice cream with gum ball eyes. It is the greatest thing on the planet besides the Book of Mormon. 

The picture with the cows is someone's mile long drive way. It was an adventure to get through. Has anyone herded cows in a car before? 

When I get back I am making a flower potty. 

Love you lots! 

Sister Frederickson

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