Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 3 - June 1, 2015

Hey Everyone! 

I am totally sad that no one emails or writes me :( Thank you Grandma Baggett for being the only one. Your letters definitely cheer me up! 

This week has been good but crazy as always. Our goal this week from President Shumway was to have 100% Member present lessons. 78% which I am super happy about. I think the mission overall got 93% which is a new record. Our goal for this week is to OTM five people everyday. OTM means Open Thy Mouth so we have to talk to at least 5 random people everyday about the gospel. It is going to be hard but I am sure we will meet some cool people. 

Tuesday we had Train the Trainer in springfield. I was so happy I got to see Sister Gerard and Sister Parcels. It was pretty fun. :) We had to go to springfield again on Wednesday for District Meeting. Lots of miles! We are always in need of more. We finally called and asked for more miles since we cover 2 areas now. We got 250 more which is going to help a lot. We'll have to have some walking days if it stops raining long enough. 

We went and saw the Butler Family again on Wednesday. We had a super great lesson planned for them with Mosiah 3 and tying it into the plan of salvation. It would have gone super well if their friend Brother B wasn't there. We were reading from the chapter and would stop on every single part that didn't matter. He spent 5 whole minutes explaining what stiff-necked meant. He totally drove away the spirit. He talked the whole time so sister Booms and I could say one word. AND he started teaching false doctrine, then wouldn't let us correct him. We barely got an invitation out at the end. He also cut off Sister Butler from bearing her testimony about the Book of Mormon. It is just a terrible situation. Other things happened too and President Shumway is super mad about it. From now on we have to take the Bishop with us or our Ward Mission Leader. It makes me so sad because I personally felt the spirit so strong and I knew Sister Booms did too. We felt so inspired to say something and we physically couldn't. I felt good in the lesson. I felt like I actually knew what I was doing. The worst part is the kids were asking awesome inspired questions and we couldn't answer because of Brother B. We are hoping things go better. I know lots of people in authority have talked to him, so I hope something changes soon. Pray for us! 

Thursday was pretty awesome. We had 4 lessons clear out in Buffalo. People in Buffalo are crazy though. Thursday night we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders in Ozark. Sister Ma'alona came to bolivar and spent Friday with sister Booms then I went with Sister Oliva down to Ozark. We met this crazy baptist lady on Friday. She didn't believe that people were in different places around the world in the time of the Book of Mormon. She thinks everyone in that time period was all in one small place. It was a struggle to explain it to her. The member that came with us actually majored in History so she was able to explain it a little bit. We also did service for her by hanging up picture frames. Lets just say that will never be my career! We switched back friday. The Bishop and his wife came down to Ozark to switch back. It was like 10 when we finally got back to Bolivar. Longest day of my life! 

Saturday we spent all day inside weekly planning. It is the longest process ever. We did go out and have a Less Active lesson and we fixed a hole in our tire. Pretty boring day. 

We got a referral for a guy who has a son that lives in Idaho. The son wants to get baptized in Idaho soon so the dad wants to read the Book of Mormon to know what his son is getting into. He is super nice and sounds like he is going to read it with a desire to learn which is great. We are going to try and teach him and his wife when they get back from Idaho in a couple weeks.

I finally had real biscuits and gravy. It is delicious. Why has nobody made it for me before? I also ate deer which is surprisingly good. Maybe because it was fried and covered in gravy. Works for me though. This Friday we are going to a members house for dinner and she is known for serving crazy food like turtle and squirrel. I am terrified. We are definitely blessing that food! 

I love you all! I hope you have an amazing week. Can someone please write me and tell me how the chapters from Isaiah in the Book of Mormon is supposed to bring me happiness. Read 2 Nephi 11:8, 2 Nephi 12-24. All it brings me is frustration because I don't even know what it says. The church is still true! Keep reading and praying. 

Sister Frederickson

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