Monday, November 16, 2015

Three New Investigators - October 5, 2015

Hey everyone! 

It has been a great week! On Monday we had a lesson with our new investigator Dalton. He moved in with Gallions and we had a great dinner and Family Home Evening with them. We had a really powerful lesson on the Restoration. It was amazing! He is so prepared and ready to learn. It is going to be fun teaching him. We have another lesson with him tomorrow night. We are excited for it. Brother Gallion is the seminary teacher for the Buffalo area so Dalton has been attending every morning. He watched conference this weekend and said that he was able to recognize things they had learned about in Seminary. It is really neat!

Tuesday we went up to Buffalo again. Met with the Zundels. They are a new family in the ward that moved up here from utah. They are so neat and a great example of showing faith. They are really cool!
After we saw the Zundels we went down the street to see the Listers. Jimmy has been a member for 40+ years and is inactive. Dorthy has been taking the lessons and really enjoys learning. We have been teaching them for a long time. Since before I got here. Anyways, they love what we share so much that they invited their friends over to hear the lesson. We were really excited about it. Their friends Margie and Virgil came over. Interesting lesson to say the least! As missionaries we aren't supposed to discuss politics and lets just say we didn't really follow that for 2 hours. They were very enthusiastic to see what view our church has on a lot of what is going on in the world. They are super nice people though. Haha! We will see what happens with them in the next couple of weeks. Virgil seemed interested in what else we had to say. But the really neat part of the lesson was that the Listers were helping us answer their questions and just kept telling them how amazing the Book of Mormon is, why we need to have faith, and the importance of going to church. It was really neat to hear their testimonies come to life as they shared it with their friends. Crazy but really good lesson. :) 

We finally got a lesson with one of recent converts, Mailey. She has been so busy this summer we haven't seen her in months. We were able to have a really fast lesson with her. It was really fast! like 10 minutes fast. But she is doing good and still reading the Book of Mormon. Things are finally slowing down for her so we can see her more. 

Tuesday night we had a lesson on the south side of boundaries in the boonies. I had been there many many times and thought I knew how to get home. I guess I made a wrong turn somewhere. haha! We ended up mostly lost in the middle of nowhere in the pitch black. We turned on our GPS and put in our home. Took us almost an hour to get there. Our GPS really enjoys to take the long dirt roads that last forever. We barely made it home on time. It all turned out good. Just a long end to a long day. 

Wednesday we decided to go tracting after one of our appointments fell through. We met this really cool lady, Bree. She has only lived in Bolivar for a year and has a really cute family. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she would read it. It was really really neat! We hope things will continue to progress for her. :) 

Wednesday we went to the Fortners for dinner. It was really neat. They used to live in the boonies but just moved to Bolivar. Brother Fortner is really talented with wood working and has made a lot of the furniture in their home. It is such a beautiful home! We had so much fun with them. He is really proud of his new garage/shop. He took us on a tour of it after dinner. He showed us all of his rocking chairs, cast iron irons, and all his other garage sale finds. It was fun to see all of his things. He has this old biblical instrument called a Psaltery. He let me play it. It was really fun! First time I have ever played an instrument and you could tell it was a song, haha! Maybe I was just born to play the Psaltery :) 

We had some good BBQ at Boones on Friday. The Byers took us there then to Dairy Queen for dessert. I think I eat WAY too much ice cream from DQ but can't say no to members :) and sometimes you just need some ice cream. It was a really fun evening. They are really nice. They have an amazing conversion story. They used to be Jewish but converted about 8 years ago. We love talking with them. 

We had a really great lesson with the Butler Family on Friday. The mom Michelle has been reading the Book of Mormon and is SO excited about it. She loves it and KNOWS this church is true! She was telling all the kids how much it means to her and how she wants to get baptized. She was just glowing with the spirit! It was amazing. We are trying to find a baptism they can go to so the kids can see what it is like. Some of the kids have prayed about it but they are still reading the Book of Mormon and love it! Even their cousin wants to come to church with them and learn more. Super cool! 

Saturday and Sunday we watched conference at the church building here in Bolivar. Conference was so amazing! I loved it. I learned so much but I feel like I have to go back a process it all and really find ways to apply what I learned. One of my favorite talks was by President Uchtdorf. He is so right, the gospel doesn't have to be complicated or hard to live. Remember the simple steps of following the commandments. We just have to trust in the Lord with what we are doing. He wants us to be happy and we are happiest when we do what He wants us to. "You have Everlasting Potential & Divine Worth."Never forget that! We all have a great divine potential that we can uncover as we live the simple truths of the gospel. 

All those talks were amazing and with Devin G. Durrant I want to invite you all the Ponder-ize. Pick a scripture each week, look over it, place it somewhere you see each day, and ponder it. I'm excited to take this challenge and ponder-ize a new scripture each week. I know we will be blessed with a deeper knowledge of the scriptures as we do so. Share with me your scripture and I'll share with you mine. :) I hope y'all are excited for this! 

Everyone seems to be having surgery lately so we haven't been able to see a lot of people we normally see but we have also met some new people so that's good. 

I hope y'all have a great week! I love you all and miss you! 

Love, Sister Frederickson

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