Monday, November 16, 2015

The Moment of Truth - October 19, 2015


is my new home starting on Thursday! I am so so excited about it! I have heard really great things about it. My new companion will be Sister Palmer. If I remember right I met her somewhere and she is a super cute missionary! She is also a Sister Training Leader, so that's awesome :) From what I have heard from missionaries 

Sister Millett is also leaving the area. She is going to Skiatook, Oklahoma. We are on completely different ends of  the mission. So Bolivar will be shotgunned again. (shotgunned: where both missionaries leave an area.)

 I shotgunned into Bolivar so it is kinda crazy that I am shotgunning out as well. I have had a blast in Bolivar and I have met some amazing people as well but I am definitely ready for a change. It has been really strange to say good-bye to people and kind of surreal. I post lots of pictures as well.

This has been such a great week, so busy!!

Monday was fun. This Less Active we have been teaching did my nails so that was fun. :) 
We had an amazing lesson with our newer investigator Dalton! We were teaching him the plan of salvation and talking about the celestial kingdom. It was the perfect entrance for me to ask him if he will be baptized on Dec 12. He said he would if he comes to know it is true! 
He is awesome! We were going to have one more lesson with him tonight but they are all sick :( But I have loved teaching him. 

Tuesday was Sister Milletts Birthday! We went up the the Lewis's house and had a camp fire and roasted hot dogs. It was pretty fun! 

Wednesday we went down to springfield for zone training. Just a meeting for all the missionaries in the stake. We all had to instruct. We did ours on Working hard and Working Effectively. It went really well. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. Then we went and got 5 guys because Sister Millett had never been. Then we spent f o r e v e r at Firestone getting our oil changed. Not watching Ellen was really hard, haha! 

Thursday we successfully weekly planned, as in we weekly planned in a timely manner with minimal breaks. :) haha! We had some great lessons. Taught Andrew and Kira the 10 commandments with the hand signs. It was fun. 
We had a lesson with the Butler family! Guess who is getting baptized in 5 weeks??? They are!!! I am so excited and it is even better because they are excited and looking forward to it. November 21 is the day. Hopefully I'll be able to come back and see it. I don't know though... But they are so amazing. All that can go to seminary every morning. I just love them to death! Bonnie the grandma started crying Sunday when we were leaving. We went over after church for brunch and she gave us big hugs and cried. It was so sad! I'll miss them. 

Friday we had exchanges and I was with Sister Croghan from Stockton. It was great! We are destined to be companions one day. We had so much fun! We went out to Buffalo and saw our amazing Less Actives that we visit there. We were supposed to have dinner with our Recent Convert, Jeanne, and her family but her son hurt his toe and had to go to the insta-care so she didn't come. We ended up eating at Pizza Hut with her husband. He is a since teacher at one of the high schools around here so all we talked about was science things. It wasn't too bad though. Tomorrow we are going back to buffalo so we can say goodbye to people. 

Saturday we had to leave super early so we could exchange back then sister millett and I drove down to Springfield to help with the giant Geneology fair. It was fun. I saw sister streadbeck and she is awesome. We basically just switch companions when we see the YSA Sisters, haha! It was fun to help there. We drove back up around 5 and went to the Gainers to carve pumpkins with their family. The kids are so cute! My sister sent me a package with small plastic hearts to remember Christ's love for us. So I gave them all one, they love them! Thanks Ashley! 

Then our transfer calls came and we were so excited that night! 

Sunday we were finally back to a normal church schedule after general conference and stake conference. We spent the rest of the day saying good-bye to people. It wasn't fun to say goodbye but definitely fun to talk with the members more. :) Our next couple of days will be packing, cleaning, and saying goodbye. Thursday morning we go down to mount vernon and heard to our next areas. 

It has been so much fun in Bolivar, crazy but fun! I'm glad I got to spend the first part of my mission here. By thursday I'll have spent 5 1/2 months here! It is sad to think I am 1/3 done with my mission. Not sure how I feel about that. But I'm glad I still have a year to go! 

I love you all and miss you lots! 
I'll give you my new address next week. 

Sister Frederickson

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