Friday, December 18, 2015

To Bentonville and Back - November 9, 2015

Hey everyone!
I don't even know where to begin. haha! This week has felt so long. Last Monday we drove to Mountain Grove to stay with the Sisters there. We had to go to bentonville for a leadership meeting for Sister Palmer. So left here at 7 and got there at 9. Spent the night then woke up at 4 AM. We met our zone leaders at the church and drove for 3 hours. I got to see Sister Booms one last time before she goes home so that was cool. I spent the day in Centerton/Bentonville, AR with 3 other sisters and worked there. Met some great people! Then we went back to the church building to pick up our companions around 4 and drove back to Mountain Grove to spend another night with them. Went to West Plains for district meeting on Wednesday. Everyone was so exhausted from MLC. haha! 

Friday we drove back up to Mountain Grove to have exchanges with the Sisters. I had a party with Sister Gerard. It was so fun. 

Sunday our tire went flat so we had a member take us to church. Then we found a sweet sister to go on exchanges with us for the rest of the day. Dinner at the Newscoms like usually and of course we saw Dorthy the 111 yr old woman. We sing to her every sunday. I've never sang more in my life than I have on my mission. 

Took our car into the shop to get fixed from our deer. Out of a car for 3 days so that will be fun. Tried to change the tire this morning but couldn't get the jack to work. oops! 

Love you all! 

Love Sister Frederickson

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