Friday, December 18, 2015

Transfer Calls - November 30, 2015

Hey everyone.
Sorry for the lack of email last week. It was a crazy day!
Monday we drove up to Mountain Grove and stayed the night at the sisters house there. We left for Bentonville Tuesday morning. Sister Palmer had another meeting there. It was a long day but I got to spend it with some great sisters. It was also great because I saw Sister Booms. She goes home Thursday! Sad day! 
We were able to drive back to ash flat Tuesday night which was nice. It is always enjoyable to sleep in your own bed. 

Wednesday we helped our member Sister Castor clean up a house that her son and his family are going to move into. It was fun! Wednesday we went over to the branch presidents house for an early Thanksgiving with his family. They are so sweet! We had SO much food then there were 4 different desserts. I was still full when I woke up Thursday morning.
Thanksgiving was really busy. We went to the Browns house for our real meal. She made Cornish game hens. It's hard to eat food when it is still recognizable. It was good though. We stayed there for a couple hours and played some games with Sister Brown. All she has is little kid games for her grandkids so we played Go Fish and Old Maid. It has been a long time since I've played those. Our next stop for the day was Mary's house. She was supposed to come to the Browns but her lupus was flaring up. We went over and took her some food. Then we went to Sister Stones house. Her family came over so she was so happy to see them. We didn't stay long just met her son who she talks about all the time, he lives in Tennessee. After Sister Stone we went to Sister Worsencrofts house. She has the funnest stories. Her cat is half bobcat. Shes also owned a raccoon and some other non-pet animal. Our last stop was the Newcoms. Ate more food there and had Charlottes delicious banana pudding. It was a great day! I"m so grateful to be serving in Ash Flat. There are so many wonderful people here. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share the gospel with others each day. 

Saturday night was transfer call night. It was intense. Sister Palmer has been in Ash Flat since I have been on my mission. 7 months! so unfortunately for me but fortunately for people in missouri she is getting transferred. I'm definitely going to miss her so much. I have learned a lot about being a consecrated missionary this transfer and about loving obedience. I love that sister!
I'll be holding down the fort in Ash Flat. and guess what?! 

I'm Training!
I'll be responsible for a brand new missionaries upbringing. I'm so excited for it. Definitely nervous though. Sister Palmer has been sharing some tips with me for a couple of days. It is definitely an honor to train. It is going to be a great opportunity with a lot of learning experiences. I hope I can be as good of trainer as mine was for me. :) 

Sorry for the lack of letter writing lately. Hopefully I'll be better this next transfer. :) Feel free to write me. 
My address is 
25 Oak St. 
Ash Flat, AR 72513
I love you all so much!
Love, Sister Frederickson

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