Thursday, February 4, 2016

Another Week in Paradise - February 1, 2016


Things are going great in Indy! I love it here more everyday. 
Sister Stirling has been sick again this week with a cold but miracles happen and we saw everyone that we needed to see. Our investigator Delores came to church Sunday! She hasn't been for about a month and a half. We see her almost everyday at the nursing home. She can't read she we teach her the alphabet then read a story from the children's Book of Mormon and New Testament. She is so sweet! 

The bartlesville elders came up on Thursday for Jennys baptism interview. And one of them forgot their bag so they met us the next day at an assisted living center where they helped us paint old ladies finger nails. They ladies were in love with them it was adorable. We had a lot fun and may have taken the Elders camera and took 200 pictures with it. It was the best. Then we stuffed his bag with candy and nutella packets so that was great too. 

Had a great district meeting in bartlesville Wednesday. We have a great district. Bartlesville is one of the best zones so that is great! 

This upcoming week will be great. Tomorrow we have interviews then Saturday is Jenny's baptism and my half way mark so that will be fun. 

Super short but that's all for this week. Have a rockin' week and have fun in the snow for me. 

Love y'all! 

Love, Sister Frederickson

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