Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Year, New Commitments - January 4, 2016

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years! 
This week has been great! This whole week has been a little hectic trying to see everyone but we managed :) For New years eve we planned for the first half of the day. We had an awesome weekly planning session so our week is going to be packed with things to do! I'm excited for it. After planning we went to Sister Castors house and played games with her and her daughter Kaitlyn. It was a lot of fun! I was going to take pictures but completely forgot. We played Apples to Apples. It was so much fun. A great new years eve! We didn't stay up to midnight but that was fine by me. 

Friday we went tracting up in Salem and met this really cute family. We are going to hopefully start teaching them this week. They both seemed pretty open minded and interested. We gave them a Book of Mormon and introduced the church a little bit. I'd say it was a successful day. 

Sunday we taught the youth Sunday School and Young Womens so that was really fun. We taught the youth the restoration (we didn't have a lesson manual...). It was Sister Fransons first time teaching the restoration. It was awesome! Then we had dinner at the Newcoms. 

Things are starting to pick up in Ash Flat. We still have a lot of potentials we are trying to make investigators. The hardest part is them finding time to meet with us. :) 

There is no better time than the new year to start reading the Book of Mormon and starting a habit of prayer. It is so easy for us not to do the things we should. Life gets busy, we get tired, etc. but when we make the time to do those simple steps we find our lives happier. We manage to have the time to do everything we need to get done. Heavenly Father knows how important it is that we do those things. When we pray we keep open the line to ask for help, to tell him how we are doing, what we are struggling with, we can thank him for all we have. Prayer is so important. I promise that if you make time to read He will pour down the blessings. He is waiting to bless you. Start your new year with a commitment to Him. 

This is going to be a great week! Hope y'all have a great week as well! I love and miss you lots! 

Love, Sister Frederickson

Here is the mission blog:
The lovelands update it on what is happening. Enjoy! 

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