Thursday, February 4, 2016

Christmas Week - December 28, 2015

What a week! 
Christmas eve we had a lesson with our recent convert Melanie. We read the christmas story in Luke. I think I read that story at least once a day all week. I absolutely love all the stories in the Bible about the prophecy's and birth of Christ. Then for dinner we went over to Marys house and it was so fun. I feel like I always take more away than what I teach her. She is so sweet. 

Christmas was a blast! We woke up and Sister Franson made me breakfast. So sweet! We opened up all our presents. Thank you for all the sweet cards everyone! I really loved them. :)
We went over to Sister Basshams house and skyped with our families. It was great to see everyone! I miss my family but I know they are taken care of. After that we went to the nursing home in Salem and sang with everyone. It was really fun. The Stephens came with us as well. (Sister Stephens is sister basshams daughter) We went back to the house and had dinner with them. the stephens girls got the funniest games for Christmas: Pie Face, Poopy Head, and Stinky Pig. They were so much fun! I love their family. :) Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday.

Last night we were at the Newcoms for dinner and their basement flooded from all the rain. It was a mess! So we helped them clean that all up. This weather has been crazy. I definitely miss Utah but this place is pretty great anyways. :) We finally had blue skies today! It was so nice to see. We have a lots of gray sky days from all the rain. I guess this is why it is always green here :) 

This is the better picture! This is at Mammoth Spring close to the Missouri border. We went up there a couple weeks ago. It was so pretty!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I love you so much!
Sister Frederickson

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