Thursday, August 20, 2015

2 Months - July 6, 2015

Hey everyone! 

I have officially been in the mission field for 2 months exactly. Wow! Time has gone by super fast. I have learned so much already. Being a missionary is so exciting and full of miracles. This last week definitely was a miracle. Our mission wide goal to end the last 10 weeks of the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission was to double the standard. The standard is 20 total lessons with 60% of those Member Present and to get 2 new investigators. That is a what we should be hitting every week and they wanted us to double it this past week. CRAZY goal BUT it helped us a lot. We got 25 lessons which is a miracle for us! We usually get less than half. We planned so hard and tried to think of everyone we could go teach. Our hard work definitely paid of though. Our Heavenly Father helps us so much when we put our action into faith. We have 2 investigators now! Along with Danielle we tracted into a guy named Jason. We taught him the restoration on Friday. I think it went pretty well. He was a little apprehensive when we pulled out the Book of Mormon but once we explained to him what it was he seemed more open. 

Friday was probably the scariest/the best day ever. We went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders for the day. Sister Booms went with Sister Oliva to Ozark and Sister Bastian came up here to Bolivar. I have been terrified for 2 weeks. I didn't not want to be left in the area having to know who to go see and what to do. But it actually turned out really well. We were able to get 7 lessons which is also another miracle. We usually get 1 or 2 in a day. Everything turned out really good. We found an awesome potential investigator as well. After our exciting day we went to the Floyd's for dinner. They are a cute older less active couple. We had met them the week before and they invited us back. They used to live in Nauvoo, Illinois and weren't members of the church. They have a really neat conversion story. They ended up looking for the church in the phone book because she wanted to join haha. Sister Floyd was the head baker at the Fudge shop there. She is an amazing cook! She made us really awesome Chinese food, sweet rolls, and then oatmeal peanut butter cookie bars for dessert. They were amazing! Sister Booms was really sad she wasn't there. We love visiting with the Floyd's. Brother Floyd is always making jokes about everything. He has lung disease and is in real bad shape but he is a fighter. This ward is just full of awesome members! We love visiting with all of them. 

We went over to dinner to the Lewis' 3 times this week! We don't ever go hungry haha. Tuesday, the first time, she was making tacos. She put the hard taco shells on the rack in the oven to heat up and they caught on fire! It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. She was just standing there hitting it with her towel and calmly asking us what she should put on it. Sister Booms and I were laughing and freaking out at the same time. Neither of us had any idea of what to do. Sister Lewis is the best. She was a pro at putting out that fire. Don't worry, no one was hurt. :) 

Today we had a mini zone conference and met President and Sister Loveland. It was great. I am excited for them and I know they will do a great job. The Arkansas Bentonville Mission is a great place to be. It still is the Only True Mission.

I love you all so much! Don't forget to write me and I will try my hardest to write you back. 

Sister Frederickson

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