Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Week of Laughter and Service - July 20, 2015


This week has gone by so fast! My companion and I bought matching overalls (bibs) last Monday for companion unity and to be better Missourians. I totally forgot my camera cord this week but I will post pictures next week. We found lots of service opportunities this week so we could wear them. Also, because we had no teaching appointments. We did service for Sister Lewis on Friday. I was carrying a box of dishes to her garage and the bottom broke, all her mugs fell on her garage floor and shattered everywhere! Leave it to me! haha! She was so nice about it though. All she said was "Well, I guess I forgot to tape the bottom of that box" and wasn't too mad at me. Just kidding, she wasn't mad at all. The rest of the time we were there she was just laughing at Sister Booms and I. I love Sister Lewis! 

 I think we spent most of our time this week doing service, traveling, and laughing. 

We went out to Rogersville on Wednesday for district meeting and to do service for this member. We are the furthest away in our zone so all the other missionaries didn't think about how far it would be to drive out there. We ended up being there all day! We did service for her in the middle of the day. It was so hot outside. She had 5 tons of rocks that she was putting in her garden. All the elders were shoveling rocks and then Sister Booms and I had to move hay bales to a burn pile. They were full of baby spiders and ants. The two things Sister Booms and I are scared of. I get all the ants for her and she gets the spiders for me. It was exhausting work. Most the elders gave up and left after 30 minutes but we stayed and finished the rocks. We got a warning for thunder storms and the member wouldn't let us leave until it was gone. It didn't rain one drop... We finally left 2 hours later and had just enough time to drive home and get presentable for our dinner appointment. It was such a long day. We had fun though. We got great pictures in our overalls with a giant pitchfork. 

We also did service for the House family. Grandma had us pull weeds in her garden for an hour and then was just talking to us for the 2 other hours we were there. It started pouring rain and we had to run outside to do something, by the time we got inside again we were drenched. Between sweat and rain, I don't think we ever dried off this week. 

We had dinner this week with the Wallaces and the Houses. They are so funny! Sister Wallace is full of funny stories about her life. I wish I remembered them right now. We have a blast with the members. They are great at helping us out whenever we need and really just cheering us up. You are never sad in Bolivar. 

We finally saw the Listers on Saturday for the first time since the crazy rain storm. We talked to them about the spirit world, resurrection, judgement and kingdoms. Sister Lister has some great questions about it and Sister Booms is great at answering them with the scriptures and helping them understand. They came to church on sunday! Brother Lister hasn't been in 40+ years and is stubborn about organized religion but we are slowly helping them understand the importance of it. It has great to see them change and have their testimonies strengthened. I know we are supposed to help them. They have been through a lot of missionaries and getting warmed up to coming to church. They are just amazing and are more prepared everyday. 

This was a slow week with lessons. All of our appointments were falling through and our other time was spent on active member lessons and service. It was a pretty good week. It went by really fast. Transfer calls are on Saturday. We find out which one of us is staying and which is going... I am so nervous for it. I don't know what will happen. I am going to miss Sister Booms so much if we get separated. We have gotten so close and I have learned so much from her. She is so great. She only has 4 1/2 months left of her mission! It is so sad. Time really does go by so quickly. 

I have been focusing a lot this week on having better studies in the Book of Mormon. The relief society challenged everyone to spend 15 minutes in it everyday so it has helped as we have read with some of the sisters in the ward. The Book of Mormon is so full of stories and experiences of  people faith being strengthened. I have found so much as I look for their experiences and look for the ways I can apply it to my own life. It is here for us in these latter days to learn from and to help strengthen us. It brings us so much joy as we study the words every day. It helps me so much as I read the Boom of Mormon every day and apply the words of the prophets. I can see the ways I can be a better missionary by the examples of Ammon and Alma the Younger. I love it so much! We can always turn to it for help and guidance in our life. 

Sorry if this is super chaotic! We are short on time. I love you all so very much! I feel your love and miss you lots. I hope you have a great week! 

Sister Frederickson

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