Thursday, August 20, 2015

Transfer 2 - Week 4 - July 13, 2015


Wow! It has been such a long week. It has been really busy which is great. 

Tuesday was the funniest night of my life. We went over to the Goodman's for dinner and decided to play a game with them after we shared a thought. We played referral Jenga. It's just Jenga but if we win the family has to give us a referral and if the family wins, we have to come over and do 2 hours of service. Sister Goodman got really into it. She was not going to lose that game. She was yelling so loud and yelling at all of her kids not to mess up! haha! We did pretty good at it too. She has 2 year old that kept running over so she yells and her husband 'If you want to win this you better hold William right now!' Her 2 older kids (11 and 13) we really into it as well.  We were all laughing so hard! I'll put some pictures with it. I guess you want to know how it ended... I lost it. I pulled the wrong one and it came crashing down! Sister Goodman was happy about it at least. Sister Booms and I will have to start practicing during lunch. 

We've had a pretty normal week. We are working with a lot of less actives. It can be really hard but we just keep finding ways to help them and hopefully they will come.

Thursday we had a dinner appointment with some members. She is the ward choir director and is very good at her calling. After we ate dinner she was asking us if we had anywhere we had to be. We didn't so we said we could stay. She told us she was working on a program for sacrament and made us sing for 30 minutes! Wasn't the best part of my week but sometimes you have to do hard things as missionaries - like singing. I'm am just so thankful she isn't making us do a duet or anything crazy like that. 

Saturday we had lunch with Sister Barnum. She looks like a cute little old lady but as Sister Jacobs said "she's had a spicy life". She has a funny remark for everything and just tells it like it is. We volunteered to go over after lunch and help her clean out her basement. We didn't clean anything! She just walked us around her basement and showed us everything she owns. She walks us to this corner and points to something "That's just my kiln". Who owns a kiln?! Haha! Then she shows us all her porcelain babies that she has made and talks about them for 20 minutes. She gave sister booms this baby porcelain doll that looks like baby Jesus. She shows us all her pictures and tells us who they all are. "Thats my grandson, he's not that fat anymore." "That's amanda, she is spoiled' (she also told us 20 other not so nice comments about her grandchildren. Next, she pulls out this giant book wrapped in tinfoil. Sister Booms and I thought she was pulling out the brass plates. Turned out to be a bible from the 1890's! It was actually really cool. Every turn and a new surprise. 

We got a new investigator, Melissa. She is a super cute girl we met trying to find a less active. We taught her the restoration. She is pretty accepting of it. Hopefully we can continue to teach her. 

Not much else happened this week. Hope all is well! LOVE you lots and miss you! 

Sister Frederickson

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