Thursday, August 20, 2015

Transfer Calls - July 27, 2015

Hey everyone! 

Transfer calls were Saturday night, Sister Booms is leaving to go to Gore, OK and I am staying in Bolivar. My new companion is Sister Bailey. I haven't heard much about her but Sister Booms says she is great! It is going to be hard to see Sister Booms leave and adjust to a new companion but it will all work out. And I'll be able to see sister booms again in September. We are having a mission wide conference and Elder Bednar is coming to speak to everyone. I'm really excited for it. I know it will be great! So, I am happy I will see Sister Booms then! She only has 3 more transfers left which is sad. I miss that girl already. I am going to cry when she steps onto the transfer bus. But transfers are great because I get to see Sister Parsels and Sister Ritter and they are amazing!  

Monday we went out to Morrisville and had dinner at the Bishops house. We had some people to see too but no one answered the door :( It ended up being a really long day. 

Tuesday was a little bit better. We went to see a less active and read the Book of Mormon with her. We go over about 2x a week and read with her. She brought her family with her to the ward BBQ on Friday which is amazing! They told us they had a great time which is wonderful! The rest of Tuesday was a hit and miss with everyone else. 
Wednesday we were able to see the Butler family. We were supposed to have a lesson with them but we just ate dinner with them then half the family left before we could have a lesson. 

This next Wednesday we have a lesson planned too and the Bishop is coming so hopefully we can have a real lesson and get them back on track for baptism.

Thursday was a really good day. Sister Lewis came out with us which is always a blast! We were able to finally meet someone who is potentially a new investigator. We have another lesson on Thursday and hopefully we can start teaching her. It is really exciting! We were also able to see our recent convert Jaclyn and have a lesson with her family. They are so cute! We were teaching about prophets and the little boy was listening too. We asked what a prophet was and he was like 'I know! I learned this song in primary! Can I sing you the song?' He is the cutest little boy ever! 

Friday was the awesome ward BBQ. Sister Booms and I did the tug of war as gracefully as we could in dresses! It wasn't too bad. I would say we tied but the rope was a little bit more on her side. It was a pretty even fight though. 
Saturday night finally came and we found out about transfers. It was super stressful and it still kind of is to see that she is leaving but it will be ok.

This was a pretty boring week. Sorry there isn't any major stories, haha! We were able to see Danielle this week and have an awesome lesson with her on fasting! We invited her to fast and pray to know if she is supposed to get baptized and if this really is what God wants her to do. I am so excited for her! 

Sister Frederickson

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