Wednesday, April 27, 2016

fastest email ever - April 4, 2016

This week was so amazing but I think that is how all my weeks have been. Mission are just the best! 

Things that have happened this week:
- Dinner with my favorite family :) Jenny, our recent convert. She is the best! 
- saw a high school teacher get duck taped to the wall. 
- red rice and beans is my favorite meal made by the hammerschmidts. I just found out that it is actually Zattarans. They had me fooled :) 
- had an amazing lesson with a Less active and his girlfriend. They are so ready to accept the gospel! 
-Great lessons while tracting! You never know who you will find :) 
-Tried to contact a media referral in Middle of Nowhere, Kansas. Sister Hart came out with us. She is pretty much the best. So we get out there, approach the door, knock and ask by name if this guy is home. The lady who answered the door said that he is out and asked what we wanted. We told her who we are and why we were there and she instantly asked how old our info was because "Well, he died 3 years ago. I don't know how you got that name." Super weird, super fishy. We all had a really odd feeling about all of it, so we left after she promptly closed the door. Weird things happen out in Kansas in the middle of nowhere! It was just a little crazy! 
-Escaped a tornado. A tornado hit Tulsa and Claremore. Everyone is safe and sound. No worries! 
-My new black girl name is Tamika! This is what happens when we tract in Indy! 
- and of course GENERAL CONFERENCE! Basically the mormon superbowl! I had so many wonderful insights! I'll write more about them next week! 

Love you all so much!!!! Miss you! 
Alma 5:12-13
Love, Sister Frederickson

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