Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rainy for Days - March 14, 2016

This weather has been getting me down! I've decided I need 70-80 degree weather with sunshine all day! It has been cloudy and overcast for a week and it just makes life sad. Luckily the sun came out today so I am so happy about that. Just praying it will stay out for the rest of the day! 

Nothing too exciting has happened this week! We bought bikes on Monday so that was alright. It will be better when it is warmer :) We didn't have a bike rack at the time we bought them so we were in the walmart parking lot trying to shove them in our car. This older guy comes over and offers us some bungee cords. He was really really sweet! We ended up having to use one to get our bikes home with out it Sister Gerard would have been riding her bike home while I followed her in the car. Wednesday we got a bike rack from our District Leaders so that is good. 

The young men and young women did something called a mini mission this week. They are assigned companions and a family. They have to plan a lesson together and teach it to the families house for dinner. We were able to help a little bit with it and it was so much fun! I just love this ward. they are awesome! Two of the best families are moving in July though so that is a bummer! 

Had a bed bug scare. We found a couple of bugs in our apartment. Not sure what they were so we had an exterminator come over. They were bed bugs but we didn't have them luckily! Just came from a different apartment. The exterminator scared us so much though! We come home for lunch and had no idea he was there. Our house was TORN apart! It's been an adventure! 

Tuesday I was reading a talk from conference "What Lack I Yet?" by Larry R. Lawrence. It is so amazing! It made me grateful that we have conference to be able to listen to our leaders and the Prophets & Apostles. I am so excited for conference in a few weeks. After reading that talk I ended up reading like 5 other talks in the conference ensign. As I read "What lack I yet" I thought a lot about what it means to be humble. It has been on my mind a lot this week actually. I always want to feel okay about where I am in life and it is good to do that but we can also look and focus on what more we can do and become. The Atonement is so amazing in many ways but one of the things it allows is for us to grow and to become more Christ-like. I know we will be so blessed as we allow the atonement to work in our lives and really reach out to us. We truly can be who our Savior knows we can be if we just take it one step at a time. I want to invite you to ask for one thing you can improve on and ask for Heavenly Fathers help to you improve on it. 

Friday the ward had their Blue and Gold banquet for scouts. It was a chili cook-off and a cake auction! It was basically the best thing ever. The members made it a party. Brother John Hart held down brother Krause so he would stop raising peoples bids. Brother Krause is like 6'5" and brother hart is like 5'11". It was so funny!! The pink lemonade cheesecake went for $40 but sure was delicious! We went to the harts house the next day for lunch and they shared some of it with us! We came out with a bundle of goodies on our own though. The Hammer bought us cookies that we shared with the Dahles, the Rains gave us a chocolate pie, and the Zoggs gave us a delicious loaf of bread. I have definitely not gone hungry on my mission, that is for sure! It was really fun. I just love everyone in this ward so much! I have been lucky to have such AMAZING areas! 

We'll I'm out of time but I hope you have an amazing week free of bed bugs! 

Love, Sister Freddy
2345 N. 20th Place #16
Independence, KS 67301

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