Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I. Love. Kansas. - March 21, 2016


What a week! I feel like I haven't stopped running in days! Monday our preparation day never seemed to end. We had to run from walmart to a farm store and back trying to get straps for our bike rack because the ones we have are broken. Then we drove down to Bartlesville to spend the night with the sisters there. We had a zone conference in Tulsa that we had to be at early tuesday. Getting to the church building was a mess all on its own. Race car driving through Tulsa anyone? 

Zone Conference was AMAZING though. The head guy from the missionary department in Salt Lake came to our mission the week before and looked at how things were going. We talked a lot about getting back to the basics. I know we all try to think about the 'big' things of the gospel and forget about the basics of it. Sister Gerard and I have been focusing a lot on the restoration this past week. It has been really neat to share that with so many people. It is what separates us from everyone else. What a special thing we have  to share. 

We had a great time in Claremore, OK on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was a lot of fun. I met a lot of great people there like the Lopemans. They are this cute old couple that has done everything in life. They found the church right after they met. They were driving down the highway and saw a cute white church (aka the temple) and tried to go in. We learned a lot about life from them. They are full of advice! This a picture of his office. It was really cool to see! 

We had SUPER Busy days after we got back wednesday night. We have been able to contact so many part member families and invite them to church. It has been amazing. We finally were able to have a lesson with a less active Manny on Saturday. He is so ready to come back to church and help his daughter join the church. He is from Puerto Rico and has such amazing life experiences. His testimony is incredible. The best part is that he came to church on Sunday! We were talking about the life of Christ in Gospel Principles and he had so many insights. I have been studying about the atonement and resurrection the past couple of days as Easter is coming up. It is amazing to study Christ and really feel the love he has for each one of us and to see the love he has for Heavenly Father. We are all so truly blessed! 

I love you all so very much! Check out the new easter video Hallelujah! It is amazing.

Happy Easter! 
Love, Sister Frederickson
2345 N 20th place #16
Independence, KS 67301

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