Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trio Trio Trio - February 29, 2016

Hello everyone! 

Sorry the church email system has been having problems. Praying it is working today :) 
So here's what has happened the past 2 weeks. 

Last weekend was really great(19-21 Feb)!  Saturday we went down south to Tulsa, OK for a mission conference with our whole mission and the Oklahoma City Mission. So like 400 missionaries plus two general authorities, and... An Apostle! So it was Amazing! Elder Southward and Elder Robbins of the seventy came and Elder D. Todd Christofferson came as well! We were able to shake hands and meet all of them. It was a very humbling spiritual experience full of personal revelation. At the end he opened up the floor to questions. He basically gave a talk instead of simply answering them. I would think of a question in my head and and it would be answered as he was talking about another question. It was a once in a life time opportunity for sure. Then on Sunday Elder Southward and Elder Christofferson came to the Bartlesville Stake conference and spoke. It was so amazing. It was even better because we had a lot of non members come and then a less active family came that hasn't come to church in years! 

We found out transfer calls that night and if you didn't know already I am staying in Independence and am in a trio now. Sister Stirling left and my new companions are Sister Jackson and Sister Gerard. I came out with Sister Gerard so it is really fun to be companions with her now. :) Only sister jackson was supposed to be my companion then President Loveland (our mission president) called me on transfer day in the morning and asked if I had room for a trio in our apartment. Of course I said yes. He told me Sister Gerard was coming to indy and it made my day! It has been really good to have a third person this transfer for a lot of reasons. The Lords timing is perfect. It was hard to say goodbye to Sister Stirling and our Zion Zone but we'll party again one day ;) 

We also found out that Sisters will be biking. Before only Elders rode bikes for safety reasons now everyone will :) We only have to ride for 4-8 hours a week which isn't bad at all and it gives more opportunities to talk to people on the street. If you have any tips for riding a bike in skirt they would be much appreciated. I'm going to try my best stay appropriate while doing so. 

Our week was mostly saying goodbye to people and packing. That is usually how transfer week goes though. All is going well and progressing. We are trying to find more people to teach so we are going to have active member lessons more and get some referrals.

Personal Revelation has been on my mind a lot lately. I am so grateful that we are able to receive revelation as we study are scriptures. Elder Christofferson said "scriptures are revelation and allow more revelation to come to us" individually. We are so blessed for that opportunity. 

I love you all.  Miss you lots!

Love, Sister Frederickson

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