Monday, July 11, 2016

Fiestas & BBQ's - May 9, 2016

This has just been a fun week FULL of miracles! 

We have been able to find so many incredible people, not all interested right now but we just keep planting those seeds. We have been so busy that we have been running from appointment to appointment. I love it! 

Wednesday was zone training and interviews with President Loveland and Sister Loveland. I love them so much! Their love and dedication to the Lord is such a great example. All the training we received was inspired and just what I needed. Met some great people tracting as well! We also followed up with our potential, Jeremiah. He is interested in taking the lessons! After we talked to him the first time he called his mom and asked what we believe. His family aren't members but his old wrestling coach in high school was so he tried to see what his mom could remember. I am excited to start teaching him and his family. 
We tracting into this Hispanic lady and sister gerard could communicate enough to set up a time that night to go back when her husband and son were home. We went back and ended up getting bible bashed for an hour. It was pretty comical actually! Good experience though. 

Thursday we had a fiesta at the Dahles with the Krauses for Cinco De Mayo. it was a lot of fun! We had an appointment before we could hit the pinata so sister dahle let us take a picture with it. 

Friday was our one year mark so we celebrated at Braum's, of course :) While in coffeyville we saw a lot of less actives we normally don't get to see. We went to the Krause's for dinner that night and had a bbq. It was so much fun. They invited a less active family over that we haven't been able to contact so it was really good to get to know them. They even invited us over to their house for dinner. :) The krause's are amazing member missionaries! 

Our Investigator Montie hasn't smoked for 5 days so that is super excited! He is just amazing and so prepared. He has the best questions, we love it! 
Sister McGuire has been their fellowshipper and comes to most of the lessons so when she wasn't there on sunday their whole family was asking where she was. Sister McGuire is just our best friend. She takes such good care of us all the time. We went over there yesterday to see how she was doing and had a great talk with her. We have the most spiritual conversations and some crazy off the wall conversations as well. She grew up in the south so her southern accent is the best! We got her to read the book of mormon to us in it then tell us a bed time story. She is just amazing! 

I love you all so much! Thank you for all your prayers and support. I know this gospel is true. It has changed me life. What a blessing it is to have the commandments in our life to help us and keep us on the right path. I invite you all to read the book of mormon and to apply its words into your life. Pray and ask Heavenly Father what is one thing you can improve on. 

Sister Frederickson

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