Monday, July 11, 2016

MIRACLES - May 23, 2016

TRANSER CALLS ARE IN.... I am staying with Sister Gerard for a third transfer!
It is pretty rare to stay with a companion for 3 transfers so we must be doing something really right or really wrong, I'm hoping for the first option. I am so excited about it though. :)

This week our zone has been trying to hit the standard of excellence. It is a set of goals that we should be trying to hit each week anyways but this week we all made it a priority to achieve it. In the beginning of the week Sister G and I just didn't feel like we needed to focus on it but more on the Less Active members in the ward.  As the week went on our focus changed. By the end of the week we saw how achievable this goal was and how much the ward would be blessed if we worked hard to achieve it. So we worked hard and hoped for many miracles to happen. We have included this goal in all of our prayers and it has been a blessing to see our prayers being answered. This is the Lords work. As I become a humble tool in the Lords hand so many more things happen. We find people to teach that we never would find on our own. I am so grateful for a companion that helps me work hard and is an AMAZING missionary. 

Our Investigator Montie is doing awesome! We had dinner with them on Wednesday and the lesson was on baptism. We asked his wife, Jenny, how she felt when she was baptized and she joked about how she was peaceful until she felt like she was about to be dropped. Montie is a bigger guy so he was like "Yeah, when I get baptized they'll have to have [so and so] baptize me". We had talked about baptism before and asked him but hadn't set a date yet so when he said that we invited  him to be baptized June 25 and he accepted! He is so prepared and has changed so much in the last 2 or 3 weeks. We met with them again on Friday and he was like 'why do I have to wait until then to be baptized, can't I do it sooner?' So we talked about getting all the lessons taught and invited him to pray about a date. I just love that family so much! Every lesson we teach them about the gospel then they teach me about camping and guns. I think it is a fair trade :) I have never had so many offers from people to take me shooting. I must be in Kansas. 

We were following up with a potential investigator yesterday. She is only 15 but really excited about what we had to say so she went inside to get her mom so we could talk to them. Her step dad ended up coming out instead and said some less than nice things to us but it ended up being a blessing. How? you may ask. Well as we were waiting on the porch we were talking to these little boys, like 9 yrs old. Then the guy comes out so we excuse ourself before we get kicked off his porch and one of the kids yells his address at us and says 'will you come visit me?'. He ends up following us to his house. 1/2 mile away, goes and grabs his dad and his dad gives us permission to teach his kid. They so sweet! But we totally missed the opportunity to make them new investigators. Still a miracle but we definitely learned to take every teaching opportunity when it comes. 

This week we have been able to meet with a  lot of families that we haven't ever been able to see or it has been a couple weeks since we have seen them last. That was really good to talk with them. There are a ton of less active families out here, it breaks my heart. I love talking with them and helping them feel the spirit again and bringing up those good feelings. I invite you all to think back to the day of your baptism and the day you were converted to the gospel. If that day of conversion has not yet come, I invite you to become converted. Look at what is holding you back and change it. Heavenly Father loves us more than we will ever know. He is always giving us experiences to be edified and uplifted. Take hold of those experiences. I know it will change you. 

This week was full of miracles! I wish I could share them all with you. 

Pics 1 & 2 -  we helped the dahles paint their attic this morning and ended up with paint mustaches courtesy of Elodie. 

Love you all so much! How are you all doing? Have you seen any miracles in your life lately? 
Miss you! 

Sister Frederickson

I would love to hear from you! 

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